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Run Humans Run is the successor of League of Virus (a.k.a. LoV). With a new artist and two additional programmers, we had to start from scratch. The biggest problem with LoV, was the static layout of a level. Even though we could create visual differences, a level would always have four straight lanes. So we decided to skip the whole idea of lanes. We came up with a system where a level would be build out of various building blocks. We created our own level editor, where we could easily build a huge variation of levels with just a few building block. In the future, more building blocks could be added to increase the variety of levels even more. With the huge variety of levels, a fixed spawn system wasn’t an option. So we created a spawn editor. To give the player a feeling of progression, a level could be build up out of multiple waves. In the spawn editor, waves where separated by tabs. Each wave had a timeline for each spawn-point in a level. On the timeline, various types of enemy block could be dragged to specify when, how many and for how long they should be spawned. The intention was that the editor would be included in a next release. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, this version has never been released. A player would then be able to build and share there own level with friends or a community. In future updates, new enemies/playable characters/building blocks/default levels and online multiplayer would have been added.


The first alpha version can be download from http://www.indiedb.com/games/run-humans-run.