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Rise is a school project where i worked on with some friends. The project was meant as a short tech demo where we could try to go as far as possible in a technical way.

In Rise you play a girl that woke up in a claustrophobic room in the depths of a big industrial facility. After awakening you quickly find out that somebody or something has tried experiments on you,  they kept you alive because of synthetic injections. You feel the power streaming through your veins when you are near to plants, they give you some extraordinary powers when draining life energy out of them. After exploring the room you see a chance to escape out of it. You get noticed by some robotic figures, who want to recapture you again. With no clue where to go you start running. Soon you find some light beacons coming from above and you start climbing to get out of this dark and mechanical place, with the hope to find more life forms.
Nature has taken strange forms because of the synthetic experiments, everty thing has overgrowed where possible. Robots are growing synthetic plants every where, because all the other plants are deserted.

When you get higher your surrounding will become more open and more light will fall through. The light will give you a good direction to the outside world.
The facility is clean with white and blue colors from the outside.


The start location of the game



Giant Area

Giant Area Top

The first clean environment you encounter

A part of the clean environment