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KvK Startersspel

The KvK Startersspel was made in Unity3D and was produced in a year. The game is made with JavaScript. As I and the other students had only a little experience with programming for websites, this was the easiest language to start with. The KvK Startersspel was made on behalf of the chamber of commerce from the Netherlands. The main priority of the game was to learn the necessary steps for starting a business. The intention was that the game would be played by students during class, the game should therefore only be on average 20 minutes long. All decisions of a student where logged into a database, which could be followed by a teacher through a website. Afterwards, there was an opportunity for the teacher to provide classical or personal feedback on the choices made by the students. Sadly, the game is never released. Since we where only first year students, we couldn’t deliver the quality that is required for an official release. Therefore, it could only be used as a tech-demo.