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Run Humans Run

Run Humans Run isĀ the successor of League of VirusĀ (a.k.a. LoV). With a new artist and two additional programmers, we had to start from scratch. The biggest problem with LoV, was the static layout of a level. Even though we could create visual differences, a level would always have four straight lanes. So we decided to skip the whole idea of
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A level sketch of the old version of League of Virus

League of Virus

This project started in 2010 at the Global Game Jam on the NHL in Leeuwarden. Its a 2.5D arcade shooter where you have to defend the bases together with your friends. In 2011 Bas and Willem-Jan continued with the project as their internship at Triangle Studios and they asked me to join them because they needed an programmer. We started
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Rise is a school project where i worked on with some friends. The project was meant as a short tech demo where we could try to go as far as possible in a technical way. In Rise you play a girl that woke up in a claustrophobic room in the depths of a big industrial facility. After awakening you quickly
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